6 Blended Cheese Wedges and 2 Chutneys

6 Blended Cheese Wedges and 2 Chutneys

Our wedges are all handcut, therefore the weights may vary from 100g to 120g, vacuum sealed with approx 28 days date on.

Chutney are 360g, drained weight of 160g


Choose 6 cheese wedges from over 35 flavours, then choose two chutneys.


Please can you choose 6 cheese flavours by adding them to the cart each time and then choose 2 chutneys in the same way.


Smoked Cheddar with Paprika - Smoked creamy cheddar with a paprika crust.

Bonfire Smoked - Smoked Cheddar, a strong creamy taste.

Cheddar with Caramelised Onions - Medium cheddar with sweet caramelised onions.

Cheddar Chives and Onions - A strong cheddar with its prefect partners Chives and onions.

Cheddar with Black Pepper - A strong cheddar with black pepper bites.

Cheddar with Tomato & Basil - A medium cheddar with tomato pieces and dried basil. 

Cheddar with Leeks - A strong cheddar with large leek bites.

Fiery Dragon -  A cheddar cheese, with chillies and bell peppers. Our 3rd Hottest cheese.

Wensleydale with Cranberries - A crumbly wensleydale with  partially dried cranberry pieces.

Montery Jack with Chillies -  Montery jack cheese with a hint of chillies. Our least hottest cheese.

Cheddar with Chilli and Limes - A medium cheddar with chillies and bell peppers, with. a hint of limes. Our 5th Hottest cheese.

Cheddar with Curry - A strong cheddar with curry ( Taste's like chip shop curry sauce).

Double Gloucester with Chives and Onions - A creamy Double Gloucester cheese with a prefect combination of chives and onions.

Wensleydale with Apricots - A crumbly wensleydale with partially dried apricots.

Lancashire Cheese - A crumbly white lancashire.

Lancashire with Garlic - Crumbly white Lancashire with strong garlic flavour.

White Cheshire - A crumbly cheese.

White Cheshire with Herbs & Garlic - A crumbly cheese with herbs and garlic flavours running through.

Wensleydale with Cranberry and Ginger - A crumbly wensleydale with partially dried cranberry pieces with a hint of ginger.

Red Leicester - A strong hard cheese.

Red Leicester with Black Pepper - A strong hard cheese with black pepper bites.

Red Leciester with Spring Onions - A strong hard cheese with partially dried spring onions.

Cheddar with Pickled Onions - A strong cheddar with pickled onion pieces. A firm favourite.

Wensleydale with Cherries & Chocolate - A crumbly wensleydale with cherry pieces and chocolate drops. ( just image a cherry and chocolate cheesecake)

Burner - Smoked Cheddar cheese with green and red bell pappers and red and green hot chillies. Our 4th Hottest chesse.

Volcano - Hard cheddar cheese with very hot chillies. Our 2nd Hottest cheese.

Wensleydale with Spring Onions - A crumbly wensleydale with Partially dried spring onions.

Goats Cheese - A strong hard gaots cheese.

Wensleydale with Cranberries and Ginger - A crumble wensleydale with partially dried cranberries and ginger bites.

Cheddar with Balsamic Onions - A strong hard cheddar with balsamic onions.

Wensleydale - Plain wensleydale cheese.

Monterey Jack - Plain Monterey Cheese.

Caerphilly - A welsh crumbly cheese.

Wensleydale with Blueberries - A crumbly cheese with partially dried blueberries. Simlar with cranberry one but not as sweet.

Wensleydale with Chocolate and Orange - A crumbly wensleydale cheese with partially dired oranges and chocolate drops, think of a cheesecake.

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