5 Blended Cheese Wedges            From £1.50 to £3.00  per wedge
  • 5 Blended Cheese Wedges From £1.50 to £3.00 per wedge

    Our wedges are all handcut and may vary in weight 70g to 120g. Vacuum sealed with approx 28 days date on.


    Minimum order of 5 wedges.


    Please use the drop down bar to choose you 5. flavours  from over 30 different flavours and add each one to the cart, please note prices vary from each flavour.


    Sage Derby - Is a variety of Derby cheese that is mild, mottled green and semi-hard, and has a sage flavour. 100g to 120g £1.50

    Royal Red - Is a pale cream English cheddar cheese, made using pasteurised cow's milk marbled with a port wine. 100g to 120g £1.50

    Waxed Whiskey - A creamy cheddar blended with whiskey. 80g to 100g. £1.65

    Four Counties - A red Leicester, Cheddar, Double Gloucester and Cheshire strips making on wedge. 100g to 120g. £1.50

    Scorpion - A cheddar is which is currently the ourhottest cheese we have to offer with 1.2 million scoville units of heat! It is made from tthe Moruga Scorpion Chili Pepper of Trinidad, 90g to 120g. £1.65.

    White Stilton - Is aged for four weeks and has a light, fresh flavour and crumbly texture. 100g to 120g. £1.50.

    Cheddar with Walnuts - A mature Cheddar with chopped walnuts. 100g to 120g. £1.50

    Charcoal Cheese - A mature then it is blended with activated charcoal to produce a naturally smooth, black coloured cheese with a rich, creamy taste. 100g to 140g. £2.50

    French Brie - Brie is a soft cow's-milk cheese named after Brie, the French region from which it originated. 225g to 250g. £2.50

    Bowlands - AWARD WINNING Bowland cheese is a type of Lancashire cheese, with the cheese having been mixed with apple, sultana and cinnamon prior to setting. 82g to 120g. £1.50.

    Nettle Cheese - This cheese is matured for 3 months which allows the subtle flavour to develop, and it gives the cheese a fantastic, well-rounded maturity which doesn't overpower the gentle taste experience.We actually find the addition of nettles encourages the beautiful creaminess of the Gouda-influenced cheese. 100g to 120g. £2.25

    Sticky ToffeeAWARD WINNING -This is an amazingly sweet sticky toffee heaven treat that will remind you of Sticky Toffee Pudding. 95g to 125g. £1.65

    Lemon Crumble - A delicate combination of tangy lemon peel paired with the slightly honeyed flavour of Wensleydale.80g to 120g. £1.50

    Wensleydale with Pineapple - This cheese combines sweet, fruity pieces of pineapple with real creamy Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese to create a mouth watering experience. 150g to 180g. £3.00

    Wolds Gold - Consists of Double Gloucester infused with mustard seed and horseraddish. It is a wonderfully creamy, moreish cheese with a bite, especially when a mustard seed explodes in your mouth. 110g to 130g. £2.00

    Cotswold Brie - Is a delicious white, soft moulded cheese,  It has a rich creamy, clean and fresh taste, and while it continues to develop flavour over its life, it doesn't become a pungent cheese. 100g £1.50.

    White Stilton Mushroom and Garlic - A white stilton cheese infused with garlic and loaded with pieces of mushroom.100g to 120g £1.75


    • Product Information

      We only post on Tuesday's  via Royal Mail and DPD with cool packs. Upon delivery please refrigerate. Keep below 5c.

      Mainland UK delivery only.

      Please note we do not deliver to PA, IV, AB and KW postcodes sorry.

      Delivery cost are based on wieght upto 1.6kg £3.20, 1.6kg upto 3.6kg £6.40, 3.6kg upto 5.6kg £9.60, 5.6kg upto 15kg £10.20